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Specialisterne Case Study

Specialisterne Case Study. CyberQuest ( is a Skills Connect programme funded by IT@Cork Skillnet.

Its Mission is to educate and reskill unemployed people and those impacted by Covid 19. The programme has been running for one year only. It has now recruited 515 Trainees and of these 175 have reported a return to work. Many have cyber jobs for the first time.

In its own way, CyberQuest has raised considerable awareness about cyber security issues in Ireland and abroad. Phase 3 of CyberQuest has just launched and now looking for another 200 plus Trainees.

The cyber sector is still in the early stage of development and suffers from many growing pains. The CyberQuest Team is very conscious of these and the need to address them by recruiting more women and most importantly, people on the Autistic spectrum.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests Autistic people have an aptitude for cyber work. Similar statements are made about Mathematics and Information Technology. The CyberQuest Team has an opportunity to provide real evidence to support this.


Specialsterne case study Rev 3
Download DOCX • 78KB

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