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AMTCE Digital and Cyber Programme

Cyber Security in the Digital Age – Cyber Training and Upskilling for All

CJHNetwork are delighted to be supporting AMTCE to deliver the new Digital Cyber Security Programme


"The vision is to make Ireland a global, cyber security leader with skilled talent, technological innovation and research that will provide a safer, digital environment by utilising tomorrow’s skills today, for the benefit of all our Citizens."

Cyber Vision for Ireland

Research, innovation and skills development interconnected to industry, all feed into this goal of Ireland’s independence from a cyber security standpoint.

The programme with AMTCE is central to the educational component of the vision and you can become a part of it.

Pathways and Course Catalogue

The AMCTE Digital and Cyber Security Programme is providing cyber training and support options to industry (employees), unemployed and even, schools. 

Short, sharp courses focused technical topics such OT security or more in-depth learning paths such as Security Analysts or Penetration Testing. 

Training for Industry


Training for the Unemployed

Includes cyber apprenticeship programmes along with shorter familiarisation programmes such as ‘Getting started in IT’. ​

Training for Schools

Coming soon, a programme that will a range of educational  modules for primary and secondary students. ​


Cyber Risk Assessment

Support for organisations seeking to understand their cyber security vulnerability and preventive measures.

For more information, click here.

  • Who can apply to the AMCTE Digital Cyber Security Programme?
    Employed people (full time and part-time), unemployed people and organisations can all apply to the programme.
  • What are the fees for joining?
    These courses are free of charge to approved trainees.
  • Do I need a PPS number to apply?
    Yes, you need a PPS number.
  • Will my employer need to apply for me?
    For some of the programmes, this will be necessary.
  • Where is the application page?
    There will be links added to each course on the AMTCE page.
  • Can non-residents apply?
    Some courses will be open to residents in Northern Ireland.
  • Can I apply if I am a student?
  • How is the training delivered?
    It varies from course to course. Some will be delivered via online Workshop and Online Training Platform. While other courses will be delivered on-site in the AMTCE, for example, Meptagon OT Demonstration and the Cybexer Ranges.
  • What qualifications are available from the programme?
    Some courses will provide Certification of Completion Certs by Cybsafe and Infosec. Some Cyber Skills courses will be CompTIA Certified if exams are completed.
  • Whom should I contact for further queries?
    Our Business Support Executive, Chris Gilson. You can contact by emailing -
  • If a course is not yet running, how can I express an interest?
    There are links on the AMTCE website where prospective trainees can express interest.
  • I am an employer, how can I access training for my employees?
    This is also via an application form and we are waiting on more details.
  • I am unemployed, can I join the training programme?
    Yes, some of the programmes are available to unemployed people.

Keen to increase your cyber awareness?

Contact us to register interest in the programme

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