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Assessment & Benchmarking

Before creating a plan, we can complete assessments using a variety of standard models that are tied back into benchmarking databases.

Depending on the nature of the project, we have the assessment tools that will provide information that informs the development of a plan and assist in determining how good you are versus the competition.

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Strategic Planning & Measurement

We consider Strategic Planning to be a process that requires regular review and updating.

The outlook should only be two budget cycles as markets change at increasing speed. It starts with facilitating a Vision, Purpose, Goals & Key Measures. Establishing effective meetings to review and progress the plan is critical. We have automated dash boards and scorecards that will measure progress, once the planning review process is implemented.

Business Planning

When the client's outlook is for one year, we can facilitate an annual plan including budgets, forecasts & bonuses

All of the above can be converted into a Performance Management system.

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Performance Management

An effective Performance Management System is the backbone of a high performing organisation.

It must be derived from the Plan and be updated as the Plan changes. Setting measurable Goals and Objectives and deploying employees in functions, teams and as individuals is at the heart of business success.

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