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Having trouble finding the right assessment for a particular skill set you are recruiting for?

Discover below our extensive set of psychometric solutions from world-leading providers SHL and Podium. We can provide access to cutting-edge ability, personality, behavioural and job-focused assessments.


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Talent Management

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CJHNetwork can assist you to recruit your new stars, gain analytic insights and engage employees to perform at their best.

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SHL is the global leader in HR technology and psychometric science that leads to deep people insight, helping companies craft powerful workforce solutions.


Podium is a state-of-the-art, technology platform that seamlessly supports the delivery of psychometric assessments, surveys, and questionnaires. Podium tests provide a quick, accurate, and cost-effective method of recruiting the right people. 

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We can provide solutions for most job levels, titles, and sectors.

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SHL Assessment Catalogue

Podium Europe Catalogue

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