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CJHNetwork's Latest Assessment Offerings

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

CJHNetwork is committed to ensuring that you have confidence using these assessments. As part of our customer commitment, we regularly review content to ensure it meets business needs and standards from a science, operational and experience perspective.

Please see some updates from both SHL here.

SHL Assessments:

SHL is continuing to provide a large range of assessments via their KX SKILLS COLLECTION under the following categories;

· Accounting · Cyber Security · Healthcare · Call Centre · Legal

· Administrative · Management · It/Technical · Sales Software · Industrial/ Warehousing

The Skills assessments are comprised of the Cultural Match and Job Fit offerings. These assessments are designed to meet many needs including; selection across multiple positions, career development and identifying candidates whose values best match those organizations’ needs and the specific job in question.

1. SHL’s KX Skills Collection:

KX Skills use behavioural science techniques to measure traits, skills and the fit of both candidates and employees. This includes but is not limited to:

· Job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance

· Functional, behaviour assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees

· Skills assessments to help sift through talent pools

· Proven, valid and legally defensible assessments

Recruiter Licenses for the SHL Skills Assessments provides 1200 assessments for use over one year €1,170. (exc. vat)

2. SHL SkillsPlus Collection:

In addition to the Skills catalogue of tests, SHL now offer an additional battery of specialist tests as either Multiple Choice (MCQ) or Job Simulation Tests (JS). These SkillsPlus Collection fall under the categories below and are available to add to your KX Skills license as a combined purchase.

​· Accounting & Finance - MCQ & JS · Business - MCQ · Clerical - MCQ + JS · Engineering - MCQ · Healthcare - MCQ

· IT - MCQ · Language & Communication - MCQ · Multimedia & Web Design - MCQ · Software Skills - MCQ + JS · Contact Center MCQ + JS

Price is based on a combined, product catalogue of both Kx and SHL skills tests is €1750 (exc. vat) for one year.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at See Full SHL Catalogue and Details Here

Podium Personality Assessments:

CJHNetwork work with Podium, a research company with a technology platform that supports the delivery of their psychometric assessments. Partnering with Podium gives immediate access to the best, defensible, psychometric tests. These have been developed by a diverse team of psychometricians, academics, big data analysts, psychologists, designers, and IT specialists.

Flexible, secure and used by respected global companies, Podium is lifting the industry standard for employee selection, development and coaching. Armed with powerful insights Podium tests help select the best people quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Podium Personality Test – Perspectives:

Perspectives is a new occupational personality, inventory based on contemporary neuroscientific research. It measures ten aspects of personality associated with the Big Five and distinguishes between those behaviours that are more stable (i.e., harder to change) and those that are more malleable (i.e., coachable).

Perspectives is part of an exciting new breed of assessments that reflect modern neuroscientific thinking about personality. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Nigel Guenole from Goldsmiths University, Perspectives takes half the time of standard personality tests to complete and provides deep insight into an individual’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Well-designed reports are free of jargon, easy-to-read and provide a concise summary of strength and development areas. Feedback and development reports give specific direction to any on-going coaching and support required. It is used in selection, training and development, counselling and career advice.

Perspectives contains ten broad, scales that can be clustered to form the Big Five as well as higher order personality dimensions of stability and plasticity. Given its unique design, Perspectives is an invaluable aid to understanding which aspects of personality are more stable (i.e., harder to change) versus those aspects that are more responsive to personal development and growth. For HR professionals, this can help inform where to invest development and coaching efforts to ensure the greatest return.

Prices for Perspectives start at €49 (exc. vat) and volume discounts are available depending on numbers purchased.

Podium Skills Tests:

CJHNetwork can also provide the skills tests available from Podium. They are now a distributor of the SkillCheck range of skill-based assessments. Choose from more than 200 test titles covering a wide range of skill and knowledge areas. These are accessible on a per-test basis or an annual license.

Popular assessment combinations include: Microsoft Assessments for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Basic skill assessments are available for; Typing skills, Data entry, telephone skills. Industry areas include Accounting and Finance, Industrial, Retail, Legal, Medical and Call Centre.

Prices for these assessments vary from €30 with discounts depending on volume. Skills Assessments are also available as Recruiter Licenses for use of 1200 assessments for a one-year period start at €990. (exc. vat)

Commercial Cyber Aptitude Test (CCAT)

The CCAT can help you assess candidates’ behavioural attributes, cognitive aptitude and their suitability for training in a cyber role, identifying those with latent ability. This test is focused on the aptitude necessary for success in an entry level analyst role as part of a Cyber Team and in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) role. Traits measured include work styles and personality characteristics such as; logical reasoning via pseudo-coding, logic exercises and pattern matching.





Measures work styles/personality characteristics


Error Detection

​Measures logical reasoning via pseudo-coding logic exercise


Pattern Matching

Measure’s ability to accurately and quickly locate mismatches in highly detailed data information sets presented graphically


Pricing for the CCAT is €89.50 ea. (exc. vat) for a minimum of 10 tests for use over a 12-month period. Volume purchases bring discount prices.

Other Tests Abilities:

Reasoning assessments are designed to identify individuals’ capacity to evaluate, analyse, approach problems, and find resolutions Assessments include:

  • CAT Logical Reasoning Test

  • CAT Numerical Reasoning Test

  • CAT Verbal Reasoning Test Behaviour & Personality Highlights

Prices vary from €30 (excluding vat) with discount of up to 70% depending on volume. Behavioural Assessments are also available as a Recruiter Licenses for use of 1200 assessments for one-year start at €1,170. (exc. vat).

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