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Cyber Security for Digitalisation

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Also known as Digital Innovation or Digital Transformation, Digitalisation is about redesigning your business to serve your customers better, starting with a deep understanding of your customer needs and your value stream and then using new technology to improve the customer experience.

Some guiding principles:

  • Consider all aspects of customer value – from the experience, to the product or service to how you develop and deliver value from your supply chain right through to your customers.

  • Focus on Measurement & Data – seek to understand what data actually drives customer value and ultimately the business. By understanding the key data indicators and optimising the processes that drive customer value, opportunities for digital automation become clear.

  • Start with small changes and improvements.

  • Approach new technologies as potential sources of new value rather than just costs.

  • Plan your Digital Innovation Journey

There is no substitute for getting an expert in to look at your business first hand, someone who will spend time with you to look at your current processes and guide you to uncover the activities which add customer value and those which don’t. Identifying key performance indicators that measure customer value and putting in place measurement systems will lay down the foundations for your Digital Innovation journey.

Enterprise Ireland can fund a Digitalisation Voucher to cover up to 100% of the cost of a 10 day consultancy engagement (to a value of €9,000). Eligible Projects must include one or more of the following activities:

  1. Internal Process Optimisation (Lean-Digital-Automation)

  2. Enhancing Customer Digital Experience (Product, Service, Route to Market, Channels)

Digitalisation Voucher

The OECD highlights that Digital firms perform better and are more dynamic: they have higher labour productivity, grow faster and have better management practices. The objective of the Digitalisation Voucher, available from Enterprise Ireland, is to help companies prepare a plan for the adoption of digital tools and techniques across the business. Process Optimisation, Digital Customer Experience and Data Management will be essential in order to remain competitive post Covid-19.

With that, the risks associated should always be considered, ensuring that Cyber Security is at the forefront of any digital plan. Or team here at CJHNetwork can provide you with the most up to date Cyber Awareness Training for your employees as part of your Digitalisation process.

Potential questions to ask about your business:

  • How can thinking digital first create new value and revenue streams for your Business?

  • Is your Business utilising the power of the data it holds?

  • What are the pain points for your customers digital experience?

The Digitalisation Voucher is available to eligible companies to access independent technical or advisory services support related to the current and future operations of their business


The pace of transformation is set to increase spurred on by the pandemic and advances in cloud, machine learning and mobile technology. While these processes can provide a positive business return, they also often expand the cyber threat surface for organisations.

Organisations need to be on guard to the potential for security breaches when undertaking business process re-engineering work. Systems, processes and people now all need to be switched on to stop cyber security threats.

CJHNetwork is working on a range of cyber security training solutions for a number of years, which can help deliver lean and digitalisation projects.

· Cyber Awareness for Employees: created and delivered by a leading Infosec IQ, this programme covers all the essentials; phishing, smishing, vishing et al and much more to equip employees to detect and avoid cyber threats.

· Cyber Security Skills Training for Employees: the Infosec Skills portfolio is available to upskill administration, IT and Cyber project teams. Offers learning paths covering application, architecture, IoT, cloud, network, OT/Scada security and much more. These all lead to industry recognised certifications.

· Cyber Leadership Institute Development Programme: working with managers who need to dramatically shift cyber security in their organisation. This programme brings managers together to work out exactly how to transform an organisation’s security while building their knowledge and skills needed in the cyber security space.

Need to bring in some cyber security expertise to ensure a digitalisation project is going to be safe and secure. CJHNetwork’s collaborative network of cyber security experts can provide the technical security expertise and solutions where needed.

Talk to us to see how we can help.

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