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We work closely with SHL an organisation who takes their work very seriously and provide state-of-the-art, technology platform that seamlessly support the delivery of psychometric and Skills assessments for you. 


We are committed to ensuring that you continue to have confidence using these assessments and a good experience which will drive your business decisions and outcomes. 


As part of our commitment, we regularly review content to ensure it meets your needs and our standards from a science, operational, and experience perspective.  



Our SHL Assessments

SHL are continuing to provide a large range of assessments via their KX SKILLS COLLECTION Product catalog under the following categories:





Call Centre/Customer Service 







Cyber Security

Sales Software



The skills assessments are comprised of our Cultural Match and Job Fit offerings, these assessments are designed to meet many needs, including selection across multiple positions, career development, and identifying candidates whose values best match those of your organization and the job in question


KX Skills Collection

KX Skills use behavioural science techniques to measure traits, skills, and fit of candidates and/or employees. A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioural science expertise have ensured the portfolio – which can easily complement your existing assessments solutions – includes, but is not limited to:


Job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance 

Functional behaviour assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees 

Skills assessments to help you sift through talent pools 

Proven, valid, and legally defensible assessments


Pricing for the SHL Skills Assessments is available on request. Volume purchases bring discount on prices. Individual assessment prices vary from €30 (exc. vat) with discount of up to 70% depending on volume.   


SHL SkillsPlus Collection:


In addition to the Skills catalogue of tests SHL now offer an additional battery of specialist tests as either Multiple Choice or Job Simulation Tests. These fall under the categories below and are available to add to your KX Skills license as a combined purchase. 



Accounting & Finance

MCQ& Job Simulation

Business        - MCQ 


MCQ + Job Simulation

Contact Center            

MCQ + Job Simulation

Engineering - MCQ 

Healthcare - MCQ 


Language and Communication MCQ 

Multimedia & Web Design      MCQ 

Software Skills           MCQ + Job Simulation



Prices for these tests are based on a combined product catalogue of both Kx and SHL skills tests (50% increase to option) and start at 1.5 times the annual license price


View Catalogue

SHL Assessments for HR Industry

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