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We Believe in the Capability of People.

CJHNetwork is a network of experienced consultants. Our network can provide a wide range of solutions from project management to recruitment and everything in between. 


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Unlock Your Cyber Security Knowledge

CJHNetwork together with the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE), want to let you know about the upcoming cyber training courses. Register today and equip yourself with up-to-date cyber skills.


Our Network

CJHNetwork is a consulting business with deep roots in Ireland.

CJHNetwork is a team of professionals with a fundamental belief in the capability of people and the importance of change and quality with enterprise. 

Fists in Solidarity
What We Do

We are an expert team of General Managers, Engineers, Psychologists, and specialists in Operations, HR&D, ICT and Social Media & Marketing.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We can provide Cyber Security training solutions to fit any organisational or individual need. We are partnered with two greater training providers to bring you the best in Cyber Security Education and Skills Development. 

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Consulting Services

Lets Grow Your Organisation


Define Growth

​What people and skills do you need to grow?

Define the roles, skills and competencies needed for growth. Identify hidden talents and skills in your people. Set the foundation to expand your organisation's capability. 


Drive Engagement

​How can you better engage your people?

Work with us to find out what drives engagement for your people. Create surveys that pin point the critical actions to take. Build collaboration and involvement.


Build Skills

What future skills do you require to thrive?

Curate a learning programme that gives employees just what they need.  Build insight, skills and competence using advanced learning platforms. Let's shape the growth of your people.

Some of the people we've helped 

Talent Management

We can help you find the perfect match

Discover the extensive range of assessment packages on offer from our partners SHL and Podium in order to elevate your recruitment process. We offer solutions for a range of industries and can provide a quote on any assessments to suit the needs of the company. 

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